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Youth Speed & Agility
Youth Speed and Agility Training

Our Youth Speed & Agility Program focuses on increasing speed, agility, strength, and overall athletic ability.  We strive for broad athletic development while teaching fundamental movement patterns and lifting techniques in a group environment.  This program will help young athletes excel in their specific sports and prepare them for the challenges associated with being a high school athlete in a safe and fun environment.

 Ages 7 to 11. Spots are limited!

Classes include emhasis on:

  • 1st Step quickness 

  • Agility & Change of Direction Work

  • The foundation of strength training

  • Mobility, stability, & flexibility

  • Education on mindset & recovery

  • Coordination, Balance and Body Control

  • Core Strength Development

  • Basic Movement Principles

  • FUN!!

Foundations Speed & Agility

Foundations Speed & Agility

The team of coaches at Revive put their heads together and created a new program for the last fall. We noticed that the older athletes in our Youth program needed more to keep them progressing and we felt the only way to deliver this was to create another group that bridged the gap between our Youth and High Sool programs. This is our Foundations Speed & Agility Program, offered to athletes 12-15 years old.


Our Foundations Speed & Agility program is designed to build the fundamental skills of each athlete and bring their game to the next level. Our focus here is to improve upon our 3 Main Pillars of Athleticism: Speed, Agility, and Power. In this program we teach athletes the core movement patterns involved in all sports – cutting, change of direction, speed/acceleration, and developing explosive power. This is one of the most pivotal times in an athletes’ career in athletic and skill development. Mastering these skills will help set the “foundation” of these athletes to build on for years to come. Ages 12-16

Areas of focus:

  • Speed/Acceleration Training

  • Agility & Quick Change of Direction Work

  • Power Development

  • Foundational Strength Training

  • Mastering Core Athletic Movement Patterns

  • Flexibility, Mobility, and Stability

  • Core Strength Development

Elite Speed & Agility

Our ELITE Speed & Agility program is designed for higher-level athletes looking to further their game to the highest levels possible. This program is for advanced athletes only who have already built a solid foundation. In this program we work on refining our skills and building to advanced levels of Speed, Agility, and Power. Here is where we push our athletes to the highest levels, and show them what it takes to truly be ELITE. This is what makes the difference between being a Starter, and being All-State. Ages 16 and up

Areas of focus: 

  • Power & Explosive Development

  • Advanced Speed Training & Plyometrics 

  • Agility & Change of Direction  

  • Elite Level Footwork and Agility

  • Develop Top Range Explosive Power

  • Progress Tracking

Elite Speed & Agility
Team Training

Team Training

Our Team Training Program is for the sports team looking to achieve more and come out on top!  Our staff collaborates with the coaches to build a unique training program centered around the goals and needs of their team.  Our trained staff deliver the program to improve the team members’ athletic performance while reducing their risk of injury.  We provide the tools to help your team achieve winning results!

The price of this program is based on two variables: the number of athletes and the unique needs of the team. 
Contact Jonathon Smith at or 337-552-3890 for a team consult.

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