Youth Speed and Agility Training

Our Middle School Athletic Program focuses on increasing speed, agility, strength, and overall athletic ability.  We strive for broad athletic development while teaching fundamental movement patterns and lifting techniques in a group environment.  This program will help young athletes excel in their specific sports and prepare them for the challenges associated with being a high school athlete in a safe and fun environment.  Middle School Athletic Program is for ages 9 to 13. Spots are limited!

Areas of focus:

  • Speed, quickness & agility

  • Movement principles and patterns

  • The foundation of strength training

  • Mobility, stability, & flexibility

  • Education on mindset & recovery


High School Athletics

Our High School Athletic Program will raise your game and give you that competitive edge. You will get results that your teammates, coaches, and YOU will notice. The programming is designed to improve functional movement, decrease the risk of injury, increase speed & agility, and build strength & power. Revive is committed to helping young athletes reach their goals while focusing on safety. We help athletes of every level jump higher, run faster, move better, and achieve more!  High School Athletic Program is for ages 14 and up.  Spots are limited!


Areas of focus:

  • Mobility, Stability, & Flexibility training

  • Corrective exercise techniques

  • Mindset, nutrition, and recovery strategies

  • Speed, Power, & Agility

  • Offseason, In season, & Preseason training

Collegiate Athletics

Climb the depth chart next season with our College Off-Season Strength & Conditioning Program. Our coaches push you to develop power and explosiveness, build speed, and compete at the highest level! This program is designed for up to 8 athletes.

Areas of focus:

  • Programming includes 

  • Power & Explosive Development

  • Speed Training & Plyometrics 

  • Agility & Change of Direction  

  • Mobility, Stability & Flexibility Training 

  • Corrective Exercise Techniques  

  • Progress Tracking


Team Training

Our Team Training Program is for the sports team looking to achieve more and come out on top!  Our staff collaborates with the coaches to build a unique training program centered around the goals and needs of their team.  Our trained staff deliver the program to improve the team members’ athletic performance while reducing their risk of injury.  We provide the tools to help your team achieve winning results!

The price of this program is based on two variables: the number of athletes and the unique needs of the team. 
Contact Jonathon Smith at or 337-210-8892 for a team consult.